Multimedia Artist & Designer

Matthew Roderick

Certified Education Professional

Vocational Training & Higher Education

TAE40116 Certificate IV Training & Assessment
Inspire Education - AUS

  • Design and develop assessment tools

TAE40110 Certificate IV Training & Assessment
Australian Institute of Technology Transfer - AUS

  • Make a Presentation
  • Plan Assessment Activities and Processes
  • Assess Competence
  • Participate in Assessment Validation
  • Provide Work Skill Instruction
  • Plan, Organise and Deliver Group-based Training
  • Plan, Organise and Facilitate Learning in the Workplace
  • Design and Develop Learning Programs
  • Training Packages and Accredited Courses
  • Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills

ICT Diploma of Information Technology
Sandhurst Institue - AUS

  • Develop and maintain website information architecture and data
  • Analyse and design quality assurance processes and contingency plans
  • Assess and implement cloud infrastructure and disaster recovery plans
  • Configure, manage and secure virtual computing environments
  • Create small-sized applications coding with object-oriented languages
  • Migrate sensitive info and integrate databases with website applications

Master of Arts in Photography
Wayne State University - USA

  • Photography in several different mediums including 120mm film, 4x5 tranparency, and digital capture
  • Printmaking from digital negative to intaglio from light-sensitive serigraph to photo-etching
  • Studied historical development of settlements and the impact of industry on environment and culture.

Associates in Photographic Technology
Washtenaw Community College - USA

  • Specialized in large format and digital photography
  • Multiple formats of film (35mm, medium, large, and digital)
  • Chemistry experience includes RA-4, Blix, X-tol, C-41, D-76, E-6
  • Skilled in Photoshop, ImageReady, Dreamweaver, and Microsoft Office
  • Create graphics, promotional materials and presentations
  • Established color management guidelines for the operation of I.T. labs
  • Active in web design, including scan and archive of images
  • Experienced in Wisner, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Sinar, Cambo, Nikon
  • Graduated with Honors, G.P.A. 3.66

Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing
Michigan State University - USA

  • Management, Economics, Accounting, and Market Research
  • Analyzed companies for efficiency, profitability, and liquidity
  • Engaged in statistics probability, sales, accounting and forecasting
  • Evaluated international target markets, norms and behavior patterns
  • Researched population segments and the life cycle of market trends
  • Studied theories of management and organizational behavior
  • Formulated objectives and strategic plans for performance
  • Developed organizational objectives and departmental goals
  • Conducted selling, prospecting, presenting, closing and servicing

Industry & Career Experience


Owner - I.T. and Multimedia Business
Tonal Range | Michigan - USA

  • Consultant for customers in need of technical training, setup and repair of Windows and Macintosh.
  • Design visual elements, establish guidelines, wireframes and mock-ups for effective web and print layouts.
  • Photographic retouching, scanning and optimising, historical image restoration and gallery print productions.
  • Provide e-commerce, shopping cart setup, web support, PHP, MySQL and form/scripts.
  • Troubleshoot PC and Mac systems, system upgrades, hardware replacement and software.

Faculty - Visual Arts Technology
Washtenaw Community College - USA

  • Demonstrate photographic imaging technology, film scanners and SLR's
  • Instruct courses in graphic design, photography, and digital imaging
  • Correspond with faculty to identify ICC color management workflow
  • Assemble software tutorials following demonstration methods
  • Maintain an internet resource of course information and procedures

Assistant Professor
University of Michigan - USA

  • Educate students in methods of traditional photography
  • Provided structure through demonstrations and lectures
  • Cultivated materials, exams, assignments, and bi-monthly critiques
  • Directed activities to fulfill goals for established curriculum

Center Coordinator
Arrowwood Hills Cooperative - USA

  • Manage afterschool and teen programs for community center
  • Active in summer program, science and youth active enrichment camps
  • Oversee staff and schedules, draft budget, and document activities
  • Report on government grants and instruct technology classes
  • Distribute food rations to a disadvantaged housing community
  • Operate computer enrichment courses and ESL and youth projects
  • Foster and embrace diversity, encouraging acceptance and tolerance

Faculty - Visual Communications
Art Institute of Michigan - USA

  • Educate students in semester courses versed in digital photography
  • Cultivate curriculum for visual arts communication department
  • Direct software functions, film/flatbed scanning, web/print
  • Demonstrate techniques including scanners, cameras, and printers
  • Photographic retouching, historical image restoration
  • Special projects included Art Road Nonprofit and art education

Photography Lab Assistant
Washtenaw Community College - USA

  • Maintained film processors, darkroom, studio, and computer equipment
  • Mixed chemistry RA-4, Blix, X-tol, C-41, D-76, E-6, and Dektol
  • Processed multiple film formats including 35mm, 120mm, and 4x5
  • Provided structure for students tasks in a lab setting

Contract Production Artist
The Creative Group - USA

  • Modify Coupon Book concepts for Entertainment Publications
  • International advertising templates using Adobe software
  • Implemented website design and forms for Wireless Toyz
  • Airbrushed and optimised mechanical parts and illustrations

Marketing & Sales
Twin Pines Paper - USA

  • Create company presentations, and tradeshow graphics
  • Configure Network Switches/Routers/Screens
  • Design Excel formulas/spreadsheets, store and backup data
  • Sell paper products into new markets and develop leads


Owner - I.T. and Multimedia Business
Tonal Range Design Services | Adelaide - SA

  • Develop small business solutions using Visual Studio, ASP.net, Dreamweaver, and WordPress with MySQL
  • Assemble service level agreements to maintain everyday operations for small business and sole proprietors.
  • Web and email hosting reseller, network administrator for database assigning user account roles.
  • Business continuity services and disaster recovery procedures secured with cloud backup integration.
  • Deploy software environments and train employees on setups, protocols and procedures.

Online Educational Trainer
Upskilled - AUS

  • Deliver units of competency for Certificate IV in Digital Media
  • Deliver units for Certificate IV and Diploma in Web Development
  • Remote workshops in HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive Layout
  • Web technology platforms including WordPress, Visual Studio
  • Angular JS, PHP, MySQL, and .Net framework
  • Mentor students through practical labs
  • Align e-Learning Resources and integrate relevant industry experience
  • Supply constructive feedback to earn certifications and diplomas
  • Evaluate solutions in Visual Studio and Microsoft .Net
  • Create concepts and develop website solutions for company simulations
  • Moderate assessment of activities to confirm evidence for competency

Graphic Production Designer
Peregrine Corp (OTR) - AUS

  • Trained in operations of OTR convenience stores
  • Assemble promotional guides for marketing and merchandising
  • Design nutritional and origin labels for food products
  • Establish procedures and guidelines for media asset archiving
  • Automate and package InDesign templates
  • Produce press ready files for point of sale displays
  • Photograph, enhance and adjust images
  • Edit and optimise video ads for a wide range of users
  • Social media engagement, internet and mobile applications
  • Develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts
  • Present specification to relevant parties for approval
  • Integrate visual style guides and seek approval from vendors

Graphic Designer & Web Developer
Stellar Digital - AUS

  • HTML5, CMS, WordPress, PHP, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript
  • Branding and design, logo and graphics, signage and campaigns
  • Provide technical assistance for software setup and operating systems
  • Develop websites from Photoshop concept to WordPress
  • Content strategist, software training and staff support
  • Social Media setup of Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and Mailchimp
  • Search Engine Optimisation and security implementation

Promotional Designer & Front End Developer
North East Isuzu - AUS

  • Create advertisements for Isuzu, IVECO, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge
  • Assemble multiple hand-coded web sites using HTML, PHP, CSS
  • Build MySQL databases to store and recall customer information
  • Edit PHP and JavaScript to employ best practices
  • Install, setup themes and edit content for Drupal and Magento
  • Create scaled graphics and signage for vehicles, offices and interior

Catalogue Designer & CSS/HTML Developer
Sprint Auto Parts - AUS

  • Develop HTML Intranet/Internet representing auto parts and products
  • Design banner ads for major radio stations, print and advertising
  • Assemble, proof and prepare retail catalogues
  • Photograph and itemise products for publication
  • Manage network data of multimedia and vendor products
  • Internet marketing of trade specials and featured products
  • Deliver vendor specific promotions and events for auto parts

On Display

Art Exhibitions

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